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This three day workshop will show you valuable techniques in Graphical  Programming and save you weeks of time.  We specialize in converting and developing Multi-Value applications in a true Windows7 format.

Our course  takes  the Pick/Multi-Value Programmer , using AccuTerm7 and your knowledge of Multi-Value Basic, and gives you the knowledge and techniques to become a Windows Graphical Programmer.  Your application will look and feel just like it was written in Visual Basic but all you need is Multi-Value expertise. 

You will develop better, faster and current applications with complete help files and you can convert some or all or you current legacy green screen programs.

We will show you how to convert and how to use your existing code with the AccuTerm7 graphical application to modernize your application to Windows7 compatibility.

We'll even show you how to run Accuterm7 GUI in a Web Browser !!!

This course will also show demonstrate how to use VBscripting to enhance your AccuTerm7 GUI application.